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August 13, 2014

I recently attended a helpful workshop on Liturgical matters led by the Rev Dr Phillip Tovey from Oxford. He got me thinking about a few things including the ‘kickoff’ (liturgical greeting) and the use of creeds. So this week I tried to merge these issues with a call to worship which is suggestive of a confession of faith. Hopefully the congregation will take on the challenge of putting a bit of expression in.


Call to Worship: a dialogue with questions


              One:   Let us worship God

              All:     Who? 

              One:    The giver of life

              All:      Don’t you mean “taker” too?

              One:    Not at all!

              All:    Our God keeps on giving new life?

             One:    Thanks be to God

              All:     who raised Jesus from his death at our hands

              One:   rebooting the universe

              All:      beginning with his forgiven people 

              One:    renovated in his Spirit

              All:     and poured out in his name.

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