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Prayers for the Lectionary Month

June 28, 2013

brokenEvery month in our parish I publish a series of questions for reflection and prayers which relate to the lectionary readings for the coming Sunday. If anyone is interested, here is an extract from this month – the prayers.

Week 1 (Pentecost +7) July 1st – 7th

Psalm: 30        2 Kings 5:1-17     Galatians 6:1-18      Luke 10:1-20


Gracious God, you know we are tempted back into the struggles of the world constantly. It is unavoidable for we live in a world so different from the one you are creating in Jesus. So we pray. And as we pray we discover again that your burden is light and that ‘only the new creation matters’. We rejoice in the lightness of life in Christ! The lightness of being with one another! The lightness of bearing both our own burden and one another’s burden! Help us, like your first disciples to travel lightly in this world and know, as Jesus did, that Satan is falling and death has been defeated. Amen


Week 2 (Pentecost +8) June 8th – 14th

Psalm: 82     Amos 7: 1-17     Colossians 1: 1-14     Luke 10:25-37


God of the risen and crucified Jesus, God above and beyond all vengeance, help us now to pray for those who curse us and persecute us… Help us also to pray deeply for those we love. Join our hearts with yours. Blend us into the mystery of salvation. Move our hearts. Make us neighbours in dangerous times. For Jesus sake. Amen


Week 3 (Pentecost +9) June 15th – 21st       

Psalm: 52     Amos 8: 1-18    Colossians 1: 15-28   Luke 10: 38-42


God our peacemaker, God our reconciler, God our liberator, we praise you that you love your way into our hatred until it kills you. We praise you that you call us to imitate you. Teach us to continue in suffering, not for suffering’s sake but for the sake of the world. Teach us to die with you and live with you. Holy Spirit of Jesus put us at peace. Release us from our wars so that we may release others from their wars. And save us from temptation. Lord we sometimes kid ourselves that it is not so problematic by calling it “distraction”. The truth is we need you to save us from distraction. Make a Mary of our inner Martha, for the world’s sake.



Week 4 (Pentecost +10) June 22nd – 28th

Psalm: 85    Hosea 1: 2-10     Colossians 2:6-19       Luke 11:1-13


We praise you for your open hands. You seek our requests because you are always a generous giver of life. And yet we doubt. We know that you don’t give us what we think we need. Teach us to ask anyway.

Our desires are in a mess.

Save us, Lord, from idols. We are always in danger of worshiping our own imagination, failing to see its limits. We have this blind spot. Save us from idols!

Our imagination is in a mess, Lord.

May the victory, that looks for all the world like a defeat, be for us life eternal.


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