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The (In)visibility of the Church without shunning

April 29, 2012

In a marvellous essay (which I must say more about some time) Jonathan  Sauder wondered why there are still Mennonites and Swiss Brethren but no Marpeckites. I cannot do justice to his analysis here, however, I was struck by his comment because it linked well with my own recent essay on ecclesiology in which I address the nature of the church’s (in)visibility. Here is Sauder:

“So back to the question of the short-lived Marpeckian tradition. Longevity of the type referred to in “my words shall never pass away” is a very different type of longevity from that of an institution. This longevity of the subversive message of Jesus about God and us is very real but is as untraceable with the tools of the “human sciences” as is any other work of the Spirit. It is untraceable precisely because it is benevolently subversive of any oppression of God’s human children by fallen powers. Fallen powers are those that had originally served the purpose of shielding unregenerate people from chaos but have now imposed a new order and false sacred zone of their own.”

You can find this essay entitled “Must There Be Shunning? Tradition, Mimesis, and Resacralization in Historic Peace Church Orthopraxy” in Peace Be With You: Christ’s Benediction Amid Violent Empires (Pennsylvania: Cascadia Publishing House, 2010), p. 263-288.

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