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Reasons NOT to be a Christian

April 17, 2012

Last week I was listening to the radio and heard a snippet from an interview of someone who was an expert in stained glass windows. He was talking about theChristchurchcathedral. That’s as much as I heard of the background to the interview. However, at the point I turned on the radio the interviewer asked him whether he was religious himself, or a Christian. He replied something like this. “No, I’m not. The reason is simple. I can’t be a Christian. I enjoy life too much. I want to live a full rounded life.”

I thought it was an interesting response which spoke volumes about his perception of Christianity as a religion of people with a lot of taboos… things they didn’t do. On the one hand the interviewee seemed to understand that there would be a cost to being a follower of Jesus. On the other hand he seemed to have a distorted view of what that cost was. I got the impression that he saw it as a kind of ‘purity’ that avoided certain aspects of life. In other words his view was the kind of view Jesus spent all his time deconstructing. Isn’t it funny how the current perception of Christianity has so little to do with Jesus? Perhaps it’s because most of Christianity has little to do with Jesus.

Imagine if the man on the radio had said, “No I can’t be a Christian. I like my comfort too much and don’t want to become vulnerable with the poor, or commit myself to non-violence.” That’s the kind of response that would have brought a bitter-sweet smile to my face as I drove home listening to the radio. It’s the reason I struggle to be a Christian.

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