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February 19, 2011

I often find an eery relationship between things I read and watch in the week prior to preaching and the text for the week. The sceptic might well say its a matter of  ‘seeing connections’ and the sceptic might well be right.

Tomorrows sermon is posted below and the text is the classic statement on non-resistance from Matthew 5. I also happen to be reading through ‘The Royal Priesthood‘ by John Howard Yoder and generally finding it deeply satisfying.

Here’s a quote for reflection:

The apparent complicity with evil that the nonresistant position involves has always been a stumbling block to nonpacifists. Here we must point out that this attitude, leaving evil free to be evil, leaving sinners free to separate themselves from God and sin against humanity is part of the nature of agape itself, as revealed already in creation. If the cutting phrase of Peguy, “complice, c’est pire que coupable,” were true, then God must needs be the guilty one for making his creatures free and again for letting his innocent Son be killed. The modern tendency to equate involvement with guilt, should have to apply par excellence, if it were valid at all, to the implication of the all-powerful God in the sin of his creatures. God’s love for us begins right at the point where God permits sin against himself and against others, without crushing the rebel under his/her rebellion. The word for this is divine patience, not complicity.

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