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Billboards again

May 15, 2010

I’m just back from a very useful preaching seminar led by Paul Windsor and Geoff New. I found Paul’s material on the sermon-producing process very helpful and enjoyed his passion for the exegetical (biblical?) sermon rather than topical. However, his bonus session on the ‘parable’ as a genre of communication and the role of ‘billboards’ got me thinking. He shared my frustration with the way churches use billboards. In particular, the cringe factor well-documented on the internet. It made me think about what I find particular agonising about billboards – the self-promotion that churches so blithely indulge in to gain customers. ‘Come to us’, they say. ‘We are a vibrant community’. ‘We are welcoming’. ‘We will show you the love of Christ’… etc. All this reminded me of my previous attempt at offering an alternative to this billboard nausea and so I will re-post some alternative which I believe might just have a place in NZ with its traditional habit of self-deprecating humour. How about these:


Christians are weird!

….so there’s room for you after all!


Here, every Sunday at 10am!

… a chance to practice hanging out with losers

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