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Curse your branches

August 19, 2009

No sooner up blogging than I’m out stealing. Check this out.


In Stitches by David Bazan (from his forthcoming album Curse Your Branches).

My body bangs and twitches

This brown liquor wets my tongue

My fingers find the stitches 

Firmly back and forth they run

I need no other memory

Of the bits of me I left

When all this lethal drinking

Is to hopefully forget

About you

I might as well admit it

Like I’ve even got a choice

The crew have killed the captain

But they still can hear his voice

A shadow on the water

A whisper in the wind

On long walks my with daughter

Who is lately full of questions

About you

About you

When Job asked you the question

You responded, who are you

To challenge your creator

Well if that one part is true

It makes you sound defensive

Like you had not thought it through

Enough to have an answer

Or you might have bit off more than you could chew


Its from the forthcoming album Curse your branches by David Bazan and this article gives the background.

HT: rain and the rhinoceros

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